3D Visualization of Manhattan

QGIS and Qgis2threejs plugin

Creating Web-based Maps

Loading a basemap from OpenStreetMap using Open Layers 3

Health Insurance by County, 2012

Interactive map (WMS/WFS soon!)

Crime Counts in Chicago, 2013

By police beat. Includes legend

Loading a Web Map Service (WMS)

Using Open Layers 3 WMS from National Atlas

Exploratory Spatial Analysis

Local Morans I of Percent Uninsured

Mt Rainier in Seattle

Uses a DEM and imagery from USGS

Leaflet Map and Pop-ups

Homicides in Chicago, 2013. Popups contain attribute data.

Bivariate Moran's I

Percent Uninsured and in Poverty

Groundwater Depth in Nevada

Underground features in three counties

Leaflet: GeoJSON Layer

Percent Uninsured, 2012 based on SAHIE model estimates.


Coming Soon!

What contributes to spatial variation

Why I created this website

Creating compelling maps does not require a specific piece of software or hardware. All of the maps on this page were created using free and open source geographic information systems (FOSS GIS) and hosted on a low cost web hosting service ($60 per year). I have seen a lot of bad maps using expensive (and free) software. Hopefully, during your visit you see some great maps! During my day job, I use ESRI products and FOSS GIS. If you have any questions or comments click on the "About and Contact" tab at the top of the page.